Lipstick trends for 2018

2018…. New Year, New Resolutions, New fashion, New makeup trends.When we talk about makeup what come first in mind is Lipstick. Every woman no matter what age would prefer or must carry a lipstick in her purse rather than any other makeup accessory because in my opinion lipstick is one Makeup essential that will change your entire look without having any other makeup whereas your whole make up won’t give you that look without lipstick.

We look to the red carpet, runways and our favorite makeup artists for the latest trends and inspiration that would work in our daily makeup routine. So lets check out the lipstick trends for 2018

Glossy lips

Lip gloss has been everyone’s favorite since 90s. It instantly gives you super refreshing neutral look with high shine. This glossy look is back in a big way this year.Even Rihanna, who launched Fenty beauty , is into the look.

My favorite one is Mac Muted rosy tinted pink lip glass ($17)

Lip tint

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Say goodbye to matte lipsticks and welcome lip stains. Who are not happy with the fact that lipsticks or gloss doesn’t last long, Stains are for them. They quite literally leave long lasting color pigment on your lips that fades naturally over time.

Fresh sugar lip treatment sunscreen SPF 15 ($24) provides a touch of SPF while adding a hint of subtle color.

Dark colors

Dark colors in lipsticks are the beauty trend for fall and winter this year. Dark Lipsticks give you intense yet wonderful look and can also deflect attention from any other flaws of your makeup . You can wear dark Lipstick at any time of day or night. Colors can go from strikingly bold shade of black to blue or from red to deep purple.

You will find every dark color lipstick super hot whether it is  Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in Plum Brandy , Rouge Dior Chocolate matte or Estee Lauder Passion Patina.

Red hot Lips

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For me Red hot lipstick has never been out of trend. When we talk about dark colors are for fall and winter how can we forget that red hot lips of Angelina Julie that can kill anyone anytime. Check out one of my favorites Chanel Rouge Coco Gabrielle.($37)

Nude Lips

We can spot nude lips all over. When we talk about spring 2018 beauty trend from New York Fashion Week it is glossy skin and eyes with nude lips. or it is makeup artist Hung Vanngo’s nude pink lips on Selena Gomez. Nude lips with smokey eyes just give you a dramatic look. Nyx Professional Makeup Matte Lipstick in nude is available at    

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