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How I Organize My Makeup Area

Being a makeup lover I keep on collecting beauty products. At the same time I also struggle with organizing my makeup area. I see a lot of photos and makeup storage ideas all over internet. For me organizing Makeup doesn’t only mean just storing makeup.

As a beauty/ lifestyle blogger I need my makeup/ vanity area to be well lighted, well organized and everything should be easily excessible so I can work peacefully. And off course this should not be too expensive as I already spend too much on my makeup ūüėČ

In this post I am going to share some of my makeup area organizing tips or ideas that really help me a lot.

Light Up Vanity Cupboard


My bathroom is the main place where I usually do my makeup. I have a built in vanity cabinet/cupboard with drawers in my bathroom. So I have so far a lot of space to store my makeup. The thing I want to mention here are the Sensor LED Lights which I use to light up inside my cabinet, They can also be used inside drawers. They are rechargeable sensor lights, light up as soon as I open the door of my vanity cabinet. They come with a magnet strip so can easily be sticked wherever needed without doing any hole


Organize Makeup


I use Acrylic Makeup Organizers to organize my makeup which I am currently rotating. The makeup not currently in use is stored in whether drawers of dresser or bathroom drawers.

Vanity Mirror Lights


I have three young kids so usually I do makeup or test many products at night time when my kids go asleep. For that reason I need a well lit mirror so I can see the results and shades of products properly while applying makeup. I found these Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit on Amazon and so far they are working great.They are dimmable flexible white LED lights.


Close Up Mirror


I do makeup standing up so table top vanity mirror doesn’t work for me better. I have my Illuminated Vanity Close Up Mirror¬†installed on side wall of my makeup area. It helps me doing my makeup precisely. These mirror come in different price range from average to expensive one, depends on how much you want to spend. I bought mine for $42.99 from¬†Amazon.

Vanity Trays


Vanity Trays can be used for many purposes. They can be used as a decoration, to store makeup products, many use them to take instagram photos etc. I usually place one vanity tray at my sink area to keep my daily stuff handy like cleansers, contact lens lotion, moisturizers and other skin care. Other than all above mentioned purposes the most importantly I keep couple of my vanity trays empty which I use during my makeover to store little accessories like makeup brushes, pencil’s sharpener, sponges, lipstick caps and other small items I know I would keep searching for. There is variety of vanity trays including mirrored, wooden, marble, gold, silver, totally depend on personal preference.

A Clock


You must be amazed that whats the connection of clock with makeup organization. As I have mentioned above that my main makeup area is my bathroom so for me Clock is the most important gadget during makeup that keep reminding me how much time I left for getting ready.

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How do you organize your makeup area, any helpful tip?


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