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If you have any question please feel free to contact me at geniussr@geniusenough.com Thank you for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you.


What is your skin type?

I have a medium-toned pale to olive skin. My skin type is normal for most of the year but in winters it turns normal to dry skin.

Who takes your photos? Are you the only one who runs this blog?

98% of photos on this blog are taken by me with i-phone. I am the only one in charge of posts and site. I am the writer, editor, producer and photographer behind this blog and social media. I do my own research for posts content, take photos, do editing and link everything to their correct places.

Do you accept gift products?

I only accept gifts from the brands which i truly like and would love to purchase on my own. 

Being honest and true with my readers is the first important thing to me on my blog. I am very selective in deciding which brands and companies i will collaborate and work with. I only work/collaborate with brands that i personally use or would love to have. I had to politely decline many brands/companies in past because they were not good fit for me and my style.

What are your favorite Beauty brands?

I always want to try new brands and products but Chanel, Dior Beauty and Tom Ford beauty are my top three favorites.

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