About Everyday Life

Beauty And LifeStyle Blog That Talks About Daily Life Of A Woman

Welcome to Everyday Life! A beauty and lifestyle blog that talks about Daily Life of a Woman. In this place we talk about BeautyFashionLifestyleParenting and all other elements of daily life mixed in. You can finlatest and luxury Makeup Reviews and Swatches, Outfit Ideas, Designer handbags and Shoes Reviews, On the other hand it tries to cover Home Decor Ideas and Organizing Tips in Home Section. Being a mom Geniussr (owner and author of the blog) occasionally write about Parenthood too.

About Everyday Life

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” — Confucius


Geniussr is the owner and author behind this blog, she is a stay at home mom and wanted to do something creative while staying at home that could benefit other women too. Thus in January 2018 Everyday Life (geniusenough.com) was born.


Want to know more about owner and author of the blog? Meet Geniussr.

In this two years of journey ‘Everyday Life’ has seen ups and downs but has achieved a lot too in terms of Creativity, New ideas, Inspirations, and above all the beautiful and loyal family members (don’t call them subscribers).

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    The writer behind this blog believes in quality over quantity. She likes elegance and simplicity with a little touch of luxury. You will find the content on Everyday Life is detailed and thorough so sometimes it takes few extra days for a post to be published but writer always tries to serve the readers. If you don’t want to miss a thing, sign up for e-mail notifications and updates by filling out the form below.

    So far In this exciting journey ‘Everyday Life‘ has published posts which did really well in Google search and still bring traffic to the blog, Whereas there are posts that got positive response and appreciated by readers, And some are close to the heart of author.

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