Meet Geniussr!

Geniussr is the owner and author behind this blog Everyday Life. GENIUS is her nick while SR are the initials that makes it GENIUSSR.

Geniussr is a stay at home mother of three boys of ages 7,6 and 4. She is basically a shy person but at the same time she likes to make new friends. She is the huge lover of beauty, fashion and Heels. Her hobbies are traveling, cooking, follow fashion and beauty trends, decorate her home, explore new things, work on different ideas, find the ways to keep her kids happy and busy and the list goes on.

She is the best teacher to herself and obsessed with teaching her new things, passionate about learning and creating things. She is detail oriented in anything she does and it can be seen in her blog posts too.

Little Facts About Her

Geniussr’s husband is a doctor, working as a full time hospitalist and most of the time busy with his schedule, so despite of having Masters degree in Statistics she has to stay home with kids.

Having back to back pregnancies and with small kids it was very hard for her to take time out for anything else. Now she is trying to manage some time for her passion for the beauty industry and also would love to share her thoughts and reviews with so many other people.

Parenting is another interesting fact of her life. She really enjoys with her kids. She constantly thinking and experimenting new and exciting things to keep her kids happy and spend quality time with her family.

Geniussr with her husband, three handsome boys and her mother in law lives in Northern Virginia and enjoying the life at its full with her family. In her opinion

Childhood is the best time Parents can have with their children, so pure and full of love“.

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