Trendy-Casual Look

The essentials I have chosen here makes a trendy-casual yet comfortable look when wearing together and the beauty is they can be mix and match with many other items in my closet. Let’s see what I choose to create that look.

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A Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

A pair of Boy Friend Jeans is a must have for everyone’s closet. The one I chose here is with distress edges and slightly ripped above one knee which adds a style but most comfortable at the same time.

Striped T-Shirt

Who doesn’t have a Striped Tee Shirt in their closet, If not go and grab one. Striped T shirt is at least my go to essential. Whenever I get confused about what to wear I end up wearing any of my striped tee. It always not only look trendy and casual but classic.

Classic Comfy Heels

Personally I am very much fond of High HeelsClassic and trendy heels always admire me. Here to achieve that trendy classic look I chose Christian Louboutin Jonatina Sandal in black.              

Oversized Sun Glasses

No day time look is completed without Sun Glasses. My personal choice about shades goes towards Gucci. Look at the beautiful Gucci shades, always classic but look trendy at the same time. I have seen similar shades in many old movies and celebrities pictures, but they are gorgeous enough to be always in trend.

Crossbody Bag

Who of us goes out without a HandBag. I always try to match my handbag with my shoes. The reason of selecting Chloe Leather Crossbody Bag is that, I usually have any of my toddlers with me so crossbody always be convenient for me to carry. If you are not a big fan of crossbody bag and think that it would look more casual I also added some other options below in the widget.

Chloe black leather crossbody bag
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Last but not the least I want to add in my Classic trendy look is Perfume. While choosing Fragrance one thing in my mind was, the scent should be as classic as this over all look is. Chanel Coco Noir Eau De Perfume Spray has that classic scent which I like the most. Again perfumes are totally personal choices but I think Chanel is the one every woman like.

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