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If you’re a makeup enthusiast you know that fool proof precise makeup look depends on the tools you are using. And for flawless and precise makeup look I can rely on Chanel Makeup brushes. Whereas Le Pinceaux De Chanel Blush Brush is one of the best blush brushes I have used.

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As I am a big fan of Chanel beauty so when it comes to makeup brushes I have been using few of them and thought to share my experience with you. Chanel has redesigned their makeup brushes last year in 2017. The brushes I used and going to share in this post are:fullsizeoutput_11ca

♦ Les Pinceaux De Chanel Foundation-Blending Brush (1 Pc for $50) Made in France

♦ Le Pinceaux De Chanel Blush Brush (1 Pc for $50) Made in Japan

♦ Les Pinceaux De Chanel Retractable Dual-Head Face Brush/ Blush and Highlighter (1 Pc for $38) Made in China

♦ Les Pinceaux De Chanel Foundation Sponge Brush (1 Pc for $32) Made in China

♦ Les Pinceaux De Chanel Retractable Dual Tip Eye-Contouring Brush (1 Pc for $42) Made in China

♦ Les Pinceaux De Chanel Lip Brush (1 Pc for $32) Made in China

Price wise these brushes stand in mid to high range. Good enough for flawless smooth application as well as to feel the luxury of Chanel. I did notice in couple of brushes a very slight shedding at the start of its use but they did fine later on. These brushes are well shaped with proper size, having dense soft bristles for smooth application. The design of these brushes is very sleek and travel friendly. They do their job nicely without any major negatives.

(Note that I haven’t washed them yet so can’t say how they maintain their shape with minimal shedding post wash)

These brushes are my go to brushes with easy handling and smooth streak-free application. On the other hand I still believe that when it comes to the most precise luxurious brushes their is no match with Tom Ford Makeup Brushes.

For size and shape reference I took picture of each brush with products they can be used for

First comes Face Brushes, There are four face brushes from Chanel I have been usingfullsizeoutput_11de

Foundation Brush

Les Pinceaux De Chanel Foundation-Blending Brush is large fluffy brush can be used for even smooth application of both powder or liquid foundation. It is extremely soft that it can also be used to apply powder or highlighter. It is designed to have dense bristles at the bottom and more fluffy at the end. It comes with a protected cover to keep it safe from any dust or debris.fullsizeoutput_120dfullsizeoutput_11f2

Best Blush Brush

Le Pinceaux De Chanel Blush Brush is my favorite brush among all Chanel makeup brushes. It is perfect size and shape for smooth application, also comes with a protected cover. It is dense enough to pick up the perfect amount of blush and very soft for precise application.fullsizeoutput_11ef

In picture shows how perfect amount of blush it picks in one swipe

Dual Headed Highlighter Brush

Les Pinceaux De Chanel Retractable Dual-Head Face Brush/ Blush and Highlighter is limited edition dual-head face brush, half side with white hair to apply a highlighter and other half side with black hair for blush application. This brush features retractable design comes with a cap to keep its bristles in shape, also makes it super handy for travel. I personally feel it is not big or dense enough for blush application but is perfect for highlighting spots such as cheek bones, bridge of nose, temples or chin. (Excuse little discoloration of white bristles because of use)fullsizeoutput_1209

Foundation Sponge

Les Pinceaux De Chanel Foundation Sponge Brush is a new addition in Chanel makeup brushes launched with Chanel Les Beiges 2018 Collection (Review and swatches Here). It is a foamy sponge brush designed for perfectly even application of any fluid foundation. It is a comfortable sponge comes with a removable handle for easy grip. It works really well whether use it dry or damp to apply any liquid foundation.fullsizeoutput_1224

Eye Makeup Brush

Les Pinceaux De Chanel Retractable Dual Tip Eye-Contouring Brush is dual ended brush suitable to apply both cream or powder eye shadow. The one end has flat-shaped brush perfect for eyeshadow application/smudging. Other end brush is round-shaped can be used for defining/contouring eyes. It also comes with a retractable design with caps make it perfect for secure storage or travel.fullsizeoutput_1219

Lip Brush

Les Pinceaux De Chanel Lip Brush is a perfect for precise application of lipstick, gloss or lip balm. You can also use it to apply lip oils, creams, lotions or anything lips related. I’ve used it too for reaching out that last bit of a my fav lip color. It has perfect tip to define my lip line and precise application. It is super sleek-designed comes with a cap. Easy to store and travel friendly.fullsizeoutput_121e

One last look


Chanel includes a couple dozen brushes, They are better if you already know what kind of brushes you use and are ready to invest in a brand. Most of the brushes are available at except couple of limited editions which are exclusive. For convenience I added picture of all Chanel brushes to compare and find your favorite one.

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Foundation Brush

2 in 1 Foundation Brush

Foundation Blending Brush

Patite Kabuki Brush

Retractable Foundation Brush

Dual-Head Face Brush

Powder Brush

Curved Powder Brush

Contouring Brush

Blush Brush

Retractable Dual-Tip Concealer Brush

Retractable Kabuki Brush

Foundation Sponge Brush


Retractable Dual-Tip Brow Brush

Rounded Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Flat Eyeshadow Brush

Eye Contouring Brush

Eyeliner Brush

Dual-Tip Eye Contouring Brush

Dual-Tip Eyeshadow Brush


Lip Brush