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I remember thinking to myself when my  life was just mine. I used to follow all my favorite TV shows.. watching movies was one of my craziest hobby and my day used not to start before work out…etc etc

Now life has completely changed. I don’t get any time to follow any TV show..Last movie I watched in theater was about two years ago and I hardly get half an hour ( which is 10 pm) at night…

You don’t really know what an experience is like, until you have it yourself.

I am the mother of three young boys and I often ask myself

Why Raising kids is so hard?


Certainly the obvious things like tantrums, stubbornness you have to deal with every single time. But you also get worried when they are away from your eyes for longer period of time.. Why parenting is so hard?


Children follow their own Schedule

You hate it when they find dust fascinating and want to play with it while you’re trying to get them to school. They don’t want to sleep or eat. They want to read the same book and watch the same movie over and over and over again. But you also get bored when they are not around..Why parenting is so hard?


Children often move so slowly

You always complain you don’t get any time for yourself. your life is only moving around your kids. They cannot even put on their shirts, their pants and their shoes  on their own when they’re perfectly capable of doing it themselves. But the thing is you want to do everything for them.. Why parenting is so hard?


Children are needy

They need your attention, your love, Your time and everything you have. Kids are needy and demanding from the moment of their birth to… well, forever. But the truth is you never want to live without them.. Why parenting is so hard?


Children play with your mood

They can make you lough at a moment and the other moment they can be so irritated that you get tired of yelling and want to run away. But you also want them never to be hurt, either physically or emotionally..Why parenting is so hard?


Children annoy you

You often get frustrated or annoyed or angry that your kid is THAT kid and wondered why everything has to be so goddamn hard.But you also cry yourself to sleep at night because your child was hurt or scared or in trouble and you couldn’t help or thought that maybe this once you shouldn’t help..Why parenting is so hard?


Children make you feel embarrassed

Whenever someone visits you and find your house messy or kids start playing with your hair at the restaurant or pulling someone else’s purse, you feel embarrassed. But you also miss all this craziness when they grow up..Why parenting is so hard?


You know what

Children complete you

When you often wonder what your life would have looked without kids; But at the same time you feel your heart swell ten sizes at once, cry tears of gratitude and awe, and understand what they mean to you.. then you tell yourself

Having kids is so wonderful..


The truth is that parenthood is both wonderful and awful at the same time because nothing in life is only wonderful (or awful), even having children.

Enjoy the moment, Its not gonna come back!