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Every year on February 14th people celebrate Valentine’s Day to cherish  love in their life. It is the day of Romance so I am going to share unisex unique Valentine’s day gift guide.

People express their love♥ in different ways. Many people exchange cards, chocolates, flowers or gifts with their special “Valentine”.  Some people arrange candle light dinner in restaurants or a romantic night at hotel. Some of them present expensive gifts such as jewelry on this occasion. Many people get engaged or married on this specific date.

Many Restaurants have special deals on their meal and you can find these restaurants busier than usual. Most of the shopping places have special valentine’s day gifts edition usually Red in color and heart shaped.

Here are some of my picks from uncommon goods for Valentine’s Day.

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

I find this Love box very unique and perfect for Valentine’s Day. It is not just a box, you can send heartfelt messages anywhere in the world with this kinetic, modern classic love box.

Read about all features and sweet origin story of this love box Here



Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture

This 1.5″ L x 2.375″ W x 2.375″ H Hand Heart shape sculpture would be a perfect gift for your valentine. Not only this is a beautiful sculpture there is also “Love You” imbossed at the bottom which will express your feelings in a very decent yet romantic way.


Love You Always

When you present this to your valentine you won’t have to say anything.. This beautiful sculpture would express all your feelings itself and you will have your valentine in your arms the same way it has.

Anatomical Heart Pendant

I have seen many heart shape pendants and also have been gifted one by my husband on Valentine’s Day last year. but the different thing I like about this pendent is its Anatomical shape which makes it different from any other heart shape pendent. I believe that any women would be happy to have it.

Beating Heart in a Bottle Sculpture

Through the power of gravity alone, the body’s most symbolic organ “beats” inside a clear glass bottle.  Inventor Philippe Bouveret’s original work of kinetic art, a fountain with a heart that “beats” almost like a real one. With clever engineering and a visionary art sense, Bouveret has created a simple visual metaphor for life and love. To see the video how it works click Here

Crimson Heart Umbrella

What a cute and sweet way to express your love with this heart shape umbrella. Every time your Valentine use this umbrella will feel your love for them.


Heart in Hand

Carved by hand from stoneware, this sculpture represents the willingness to give and receive love, as well as the need to protect it.

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