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Who doesn’t like surprises? There is no one who wouldn’t be happy to find a surprise gift on their bed or a surprise dinner in their favorite restaurant. It would be more delightful if you get it from your loved ones. The best surprise for me was the one when my 5 year old made me a card with a drawing of heart on it and wrote “love u mama“. The card was inside an envelope and kept on my dresser. What a perfect way to surprise a mom♥.


That was the day when we (me and my husband) decided to start surprising our kids. ?Now we often surprise our kids and these surprises sometimes doesn’t cost us much.

Bubble Bath

My kids just love water and would be more than happy to bathe as many times as you say them. If it is a Bubble Bath they would literally jump to the roof. They play with their toys in tub for long. If your kids also love being in water, with a luxury bubble bath you can surprise them many times.


Family Movie Night

Surprise your kids with the Family Movie night. Wanna make it more fun?

Start giving them clues from breakfast time to what we are going to do tonite, what movie it is going to be. If possible make a movie themed dinner or snack time. My kids are true lovers of Disney Pixar Cars and we surprised them at the release of Cars 3 .


Mail a Post Card

My kids always take pictures from my or their daddy’s cell phone. They often ask me to send these pictures to a post man so he can bring them back printed. This is what my next surprise is and I am planning it for this Valentine’s Day.  I am going to mail them separately (each child) a Post Card with a love note and their favorite picture on it.(successfully done).

Surprise Visit to A Toy Shop

Whenever they act good and achieve something big they once in a while get a surprise visit to a toy shop where they can buy a toy of their choice (Of course we set the budget before). This is the surprise which keep them happy for days.

A Surprise Note

It is a kind of game in which kids have to find a note which could be hidden anywhere whether under their pillow, on the door of their room, somewhere in play area or in their lunch box…The note has a surprise for them. It could be an Ice creme treat at Cold Stone, Weekend breakfast at IHOP or a game date with their dad…

Treasure Bag

Once in a while we can spoil the kids with overdose of chocolate. So surprise them with a treasure bag filled with their favorite Chocolates, Snacks  and a Coloring book with Crayons.


Birthday Surprise

Last but not the least Birthday surprise should always be something very special. Bake your kids their favorite theme cake, cookies, cupcakes. A lot of Balloons, candles, friends party and at last surprise them with a big gift.

On 4th birthday of my middle son we surprised him with his favorite Paw Patrol themed cake, Pacific Play Giant Teepee and KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set. He truly loved it.


How do you surprise your kids, share in comments.