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Featured in Saks Spring Beauty 2018 Catalog What Makes You Glow?, How-To: Two Tone Lips with Pati Dubroff (Makeup Artist) and I find it interesting and thought to give it a try as I also find it one of the beauty trends in Spring/Summer 2018 shows.

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To achieve that look I ordered online NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment (.18 Fl Oz/5.5ml for $26) and NARS Precision Lip Liner ($24) from (Also going to review in this post).

NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment

NARS Powermatte lip Pigment is a beautiful weightless liquid formula that dries after few seconds to a velvety matte lip color.

I like the formula,Lipstick is very moist and colors I ordered are vibrant and I can anticipate that many of the bold shades available in NARS powermatte lip pigments would be rich in color, You can always blot the color if you find it too bold for you.

I personally like little bold colors in lipsticks so yes NARS powermatte lip pigments are for me.

It stays really well, I gave it a try for three consecutive days. One day I found no smudge and fade in color for a long time.

The other day I went to a dinner and when I came back color was still there but a little bit of smear at one corner of my lips (It was a dinner party so that smudge might be due to my negligence while eating).

Third day I wore it in the morning while just at home, in evening lipstick was not completely vanished it was faded to a lighter tone of lip stain.

The applicator makes it easy to get the perfect line at the edge of the lips but I would recommend starting in the middle of your lips and working your way to the edges as there’s always a lot of liquid on that brush. 


The only negative thing I can say is that it is little drying on my lips, but that is to be expected with matte lip stuff. It would work much better with lip liner to get the precise well defined lips.


You can find NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in18 shades including “Paint it black” which is true black in color at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, MacysSephora or Ulta Beauty.

There are two more shades “just push play” and “just what I needed” which I found exclusively only on

If you don’t want to spend $26 for just one shade, There are some new limited addition NARSissist Wanted Power Pack Lip Kit just arrived at NARS Cosmetics in which you are going to get two Minnies of different shades of either Cool Nude, Warm Nude or Hot Reds for just $22. This cute packaged Lip kit makes a perfect gift for any beauty lover.

I bought NARS powermatte lip pigment in two shades “Warm Leatherette” and “Low Rider” which are quite bold in color but goes well with my olive medium skin tone. Pictures below shows both shades on my lips and swatched.

Version 2

NARS Precision Lip liner

Nars Precision lip liners are sharpen-able wooden pencils that stays sharp. Formula is highly pigmented and creamy which glides on smoothly and makes it easy to define my lips.

It stays on well for good period of time and blends very well with NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment. It comes in a wide range of 26 warm, cool and neutral shades which would go with most of the lipsticks. 


I usually use lip pencils instead of eye shadows around my eyes too to give them a hint of color whenever I am in hurry, the colors include in NARS precision lip liners would definitely serve this purpose as well.

To get the two tone lips I ordered only one matching shade but I am going to order more colors soon.


Two Tone Lips


To get the two tone lips what you need are two shades of lipsticks, lip brush and a matching lip pencil. Below are copied the steps from Saks Spring Beauty 2018 Catalog What Makes You Glow?.


How To: Two – Tone Lips with Pati Dubroff

Step 1: Apply the first color to the perimeter, leaving space in the center.

Step 2: Use a lip brush to even out and soften the pigment.

Step 3: Fill in the center with your second shade.

Step 4: Dab the colors with your fingertip to slightly blend.

Step 5: Define the outer edge with a lip pencil that matches the outer color.

I did follow the same steps with just little changes: what I did different is defined my lips with lip pencil that matches the inner shade (instead of outer shade) of lipstick to give my lips more dramatic look and at last I dabbed my lips with a Chapstick as I found them little dry.

The shades of lipsticks I used: 

NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in Low Rider for outer shade and Warm Leatherette for inner filling.

Lip pencil is NARS Precision Lip Liner in Rouge Marocain. Picture below shows my try on two tone lips.


How do you like two tone lips, going to give it a try? share your views in comments

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