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Transform Your Morning Room

7 Easy Ideas To Transform Your Morning Room Into An Inviting Casual Space

Our Morning Room is usually used as a room for general family activities. Morning room should be designed and decorated by keeping family’s needs and habits in mind whereas it should also work with rest of your home decor.

Morning room is meant to be a space for casual family activities. Our morning room is built as a beautiful additional space next to kitchen and a huge living area. In this post I am going to share how I decor morning area and 7 easy ideas to make it an inviting casual space. 

Keep It Casual 

Our morning room is used as a spot for casual dining and often used for kid’s other casual activities like they like to read, draw and play there. Casual dining table with bench and chairs create an ideal spot for casual dining and other kid’s activities. 


Add Protection

Having three young boys I had to protect dining table and chairs from play dough, legos, markers and all other kid’s activities. First thing after buying a dining table for morning room was ordering a custom made dining table pad protector. Adding table pad protector has been one of my wisest decisions ever. On chairs and bench I am using blue velvet slipcovers that matches with living room curtains and other blue accents.

Go For Greens

Add big green plants or potted plants to create the sense of unity between room and surroundings with Plenty of open windows to yard and landscape.

Let plenty of natural light in for bright, airy and casual feel of the space. We left the windows completely bare to maximize the view and plenty of natural light creates a bright and open feel. If privacy is the issue, sheer curtains could be a great option to maintain privacy and informal look. 

Play With Colors

Colors play a vital role to make any space beautiful and inviting. Hardwood floor offers a natural warm look and pairing it with colorful rug creates an informal and cozy look. Decorating the room with colorful flowers give a refreshing take on each new morning.

Adding fragrance is an easy way to make any room feel special, fresh and inviting. Flowers in a room to add color and scent or just simply use wallflowers of your favorite refreshing scent. Fragranced candles or Air freshener spray is another option for instant fragrance.

An Inviting Spot

Adding little details on the table not only make it inviting for kids but also for everyone.

How do you decor your morning room, I would love to know in comments?

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