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Wallet, cell phone,keys, lipstick, hair brush, perfume rollerball, chewing gum, my contact lens kit , Tylenol ,protein bar and a small notebook with pen. This is what I have all the time in my handbag and carry every time I leave home. Lets make it some fun

What do you carry every day?

Cell phone/wallet would probably bring me back if somehow I forget to take them with me.

What is that one thing which will bring you back If you find missing in half of your way?

I have got my wallet with all my credit/debit cards, driver’s license and some cash stolen.

Have you ever got your handbag or wallet stolen or lost?

Literally I had to search for everything in my purse until or unless I found Felt insert bag organizer. My life has become easy now with this organizer. what about you guys

Do you really have to find things in your purse or you properly organize it?

For daily routine I usually have same purse for months despite of having many in my closet (can’t resist for handbags)But for parties or special occasions my handbag should compliment my whole appearance.                                                                                                            

Do you keep changing your handbags for daily use?

Now come to the serious point of the topic.

The things which you and I carry everyday are good enough to be helpful in an emergency situation?  

What do you think? Yes, No or somehow….

Why don’t we add some other items in our everyday carry list that can be helpful other than an ideal situation.

Cell phone/Watch                                                                                                                         

These days no one travel or leave home without a cell phone, which is really good. Cell phone no doubt is the only way to be in touch with your friends and family whether you are in an emergency or you need an advice when shopping. People these days usually use their cell phone for time but cell phone battery can die if you don’t find a power for longer period of time or if there is no signal. In that case your watch would tell you the time.



People including me and my husband don’t carry cash these days and only rely on debit/credit cards. But what if you don’t find the facility to use your bank cards or there is power outage? For this kind of situation you must have at least some cash that should be enough to buy some food or to make a phone call.


Flash light

Your cell phone is out of power and you have nothing to light up, in that case you would be the most thankful if you find LED flash light in your purse.51vb8dvx6ul-_sl1005_.jpg


You must have your daily medicine (if you are on any) that should be enough at least for three days.


Multipurpose tool

A multipurpose tool would be a good addition in your daily carry item list. A tool that can be used either you have to open a can or bottle or if it is a matter of survival. I find Compact EDC multipurpose mini tools quiet impressive which will more or less serve the purpose in any emergency situation, and is not much expensive as well.


What do you think guys what else should be added in everyday must haves. please share  in comment.