Long Flight With Small Kids – Traveling Tips

Today i am going to talk about traveling with small kids. I have three young kids and we as a family travel a lot, most of the time these are long flights. I still remember when i was travelling alone with my 9 months old baby. It was 13 hours non stop flight and i was quite nervous about how would i sooth my baby throughout the flight. I was searching all over internet when i came across some of the products and ideas that helped me a lot so wanted to share with you.


No panic

The more you relax the more baby or kids will feel better. This is the main key which always help me whenever I travel with my kids.

Organize While You Travel

The key not to get panic is to be organized. I know with young kids it is difficult but at least when you are traveling you must know where to keep your stuff that could be handy whenever you need it.For this purpose I find backpack easier than having any other diaper bag or carry on. First I can organize my stuff in backpack second it makes my hands free.

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keep kids busy

It is most difficult to keep the kids calm and relax for that longer period of time. The only thing that would work is to keep them busy as long as you can. when I recently traveled with my toddler and preschooler this travel play tray did the magic for me.

Rest During Travel

It is very important for you and kids to take some rest. These long flights make everyone real tired. Take short/long  naps whenever get a chance. Ultimate travel pillow and Inflatable Travel Foot Rest Pillow could be the best accessories you could carry when you travel with your kids.

Hands free

Keeping  your hands free will help you being relaxed throughout the check in and security clearance process. If you are traveling with an infant I would advise you to travel with Carry on carrier.

Formula and Food

Always Take baby formula and at least 2 to 3 bottles with you that can be filled with water on flight and get your baby’s milk ready.Babies don’t drink or eat if you suddenly change the taste. For formula instead of having full box you can have it in formula dispenser. Also take some snacks for you and your kids if (like me) you don’t like the food on flight. Cookies, protein bars, fruits and nuts are what I always carry with me.

some other tips

No tight clothes. wear breathable fabric

No high heels. wear comfortable shoes

Extra pair of clothes for kids and for yourself too.

Keep disinfectant cleaning wipes with you

Emergency Medicine that you know your kids are not allergic to.

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