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My car does not start, seems like battery is dead. This cold has done its part? No, its not because of cold. My son turned all the inside lights on and I totally forgot to turn them off . I have to drop my son to school what I do now? This is the situation I was going through few days back. My son had to take that day off . I took my car to the mechanic where the battery was recharged and the car was good to go. But the question is what would I do if it happens again. God forbids if there is an emergency or I have to take my son to the doctor and car does not start what would I do then? (Calling 911 is of course not the solution).

What would you do if your car battery dies?

Battery is like a heart of any vehicle which keeps your car alive and gives it the power to start. Now I can say discovering a flat car battery is the most frustrating thing in life and it never happens at convenient times. My husband found an easy solution and bought me a portable jump starter. This thing is so easy to use and take away all my worries of dead car battery.

With a portable jump starter I would also recommend some other essential things everyone should keep in car.

Tire leak sealant

That can help you plug the leak so you can get to the auto shop.

Air compressor pump with pressure gauge

That can easily pump the car after you seal the leak with sealant in case of any puncture.

Auto emergency kit

Which has almost all auto emergency supplies plus first aid kit.

Seat belt cutter/ Window breaker

It should be kept in glove compartment you can reach easily in any emergency.

spare tire/ Tire jack

It should be in good condition and you should know how to change the tire.   please share in comment if you find this post helpful Related Products