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10 things or you can say facts you should know in your life. give it a look and see how many you know?

1. How to cook (at least one signature dish)


Food is the main source to be alive you should know how to cook at least one dish (whether it is to make an egg properly)

2. How to change a flat tire

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Changing a tire doesn’t sound like a fun but every adult should know this skill. This will save your time and money. you don’t have to wait and pay for tow truck and you would never like to sit by a sketchy roadside.
Check out this video How to change a tire

3. How to keep balance in your work and family life


It is very commonly seen that over work create imbalance between work and family life. The tiredness and lack of rest make you frustrated and it affect the personal life.It is necessary to lead a happy peaceful life that you should know how to keep the balance in your work and family life.

4. How build a fire


This is the very basic skill for survival everyone should know.You should know how to build a fire without matches or a lighter.
check out this link how to make fire without matches or lighter

5. How to treat your body


your body is your temple, treat it well. You know that junk food, sugar and over eating is killer to your body. If body works well you will work should know your body’s capacity and how to treat it.

6. Caffeine is a drug

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According to definition anything that alters your state of mind is drug. Like alcohol and  cigarette (nicotine) caffeine is also a drug.

7. How to use credit card

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You all(including me) pay handsome amount in terms of interest by purchasing so many unnecessary things just because of the ease of credit cards, which affect your financial life. Using your credit cards smartly is as important as having your lunch.

8. Remember peoples names


Many of us are so bad remembering names. You don’t remember peoples names is not the excuse. Anyone’s name is the first identity you should remember. Repeating the name at least twice during conversation would help you to remember the name of that person.

9. “I am sorry” doesn’t mean “I am wrong”


Saying you are sorry doesn’t mean you are admitting you are guilty. It actually means that you are sorrowful whatever has happened.

10. To be happy


Last but not the least I would like to add in this list is that how to be happy. We all should know how to take happiness out from small things happening in our life. There is always one key what makes us happy.